Student Information and Welfare

You can find the information you need on all aspects of life 在这里 in our own handbook, Information for Junior Members. You also have your own hard copy of this handbook.

Your Director of Studies is the key person you work with on everything to do with how you approach your academic work and develop the skills needed to study effectively 在这里. But t在这里 is also a range of resources available to you on the web.

For further information on education (such as study skills help, what to expect from supervisions and how to prepare for them), go 在这里. Some of the information you'll find t在这里 duplicates what is in our handbook, but some amplifies it and gives you useful additional links to resources in the University.

As for welfare matters, do 联系 your Tutor in the first instance, or the RCSA福利官,或者365bet亚洲版 大学护士. You can also find further helpful information on health and welfare 在这里 和 University Counselling Service.   You may also find some mental health information 在这里 这可能对你有帮助.

For anonymous reporting of harassment, hate crime & 性骚扰,点击 在这里.